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ASICS GEL-Charge 33 ’13

My brand new ASICS GEL-Charge 33 running shoes.

My ASICS GEL-Charge 33 running shoes feel almost the same as Adidas AdiZero shoes, which means they are light and easy to run with a good speed, they roll easily. They are just a bit more flexible for heels than AdiZero. These are not going to be my everyday running shoes, but I like them already.

All the runs I have run with my ASICS GEL-Charge 33 ’13 running shoes.

ASICS 33 series mens’ running shoes and ASICS 33 series womens’ running shoes on Amazon.

Running Shoes:

12.3.2014 25.18 km

Distance Duration Avg. Pace Avg. Speed
25.18 km 2:15:05 h:m:s 5:22 min/km 11.18 km/h
The sun is setting behind my back.

The first run this year without a running skull cap. Nice. Well, first half. Without.

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