ASICS GEL-Charge 33 ’13

My brand new ASICS GEL-Charge 33 running shoes.

My ASICS GEL-Charge 33 running shoes feel almost the same as Adidas AdiZero shoes, which means they are light and easy to run with a good speed, they roll easily. They are just a bit more flexible for heels than AdiZero. These are not going to be my everyday running shoes, but I like them already.

All the runs I have run with my ASICS GEL-Charge 33 ’13 running shoes.

ASICS 33 series mens’ running shoes and ASICS 33 series womens’ running shoes on Amazon.

12.3.2014 25.18 km

Distance Duration Avg. Pace Avg. Speed
25.18 km 2:15:05 h:m:s 5:22 min/km 11.18 km/h
The sun is setting behind my back.

The first run this year without a running skull cap. Nice. Well, first half. Without.

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