13.8.2016 42.70 km Helsinki City Marathon Run

Distance Duration Avg. Pace Avg. Speed
42.70 km 3:43:33 h:m:s 5:14 min/km 11.46 km/h
Helsinki City Marathon 2016 Start

Excellent run! The best marathon time ever: net time 03:43:36.

location time pace split pace
5 km 27:50 5:34 min/km 27:50 5:34 min/km First sip of energy gel.
10 km 54:31 5:28 min/km 26:41 5:21 min/km
15 km 1:20:31 5:23 min/km 26:00 5:12 min/km Second sip of energy gel.
20 km 1:46:05 5:19 min/km 25:35 5:07 min/km
Half 1:52:28 5:20 min/km 6:24 5:50 min/km
25 km 2:12:37 5:19 min/km 20:09 5:10 min/km Third sip of energy gel.
30 km 2:38:34 5:18 min/km 25:58 5:12 min/km
35 km 3:05:37 5:19 min/km 27:03 5:25 min/km Fourth sip of energy gel.
40 km 3:32:27 5:19 min/km 26:50 5:22 min/km
42.195 km 3:44:39 5:20 min/km 12:13 5:34 min/km
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17.8.2013 43.02 km

Distance Duration Avg. Pace Avg. Speed
43.02 km 4:30:24 h:m:s 6:17 min/km 9.55 km/h

Couple last marathon and half marathon have been a small success for me. There is no success without failures, and this latest marathon was a failure. Not a total failure but a failure anyway.

All the way to 25 kilometers wen’t by my plan, but then a pain spike hit my hip and I lost my pace. I tried to change my step but it didn’t help and I couldn’t keep up the pace. The pain took the victory after 33 kilometers and I had to stop running. Rest 10 kilometers I walked – and crossed the finish line walking. What a dissapointment!

It would have been most annoying if the run would have been a failure because of lack of training. But no, I was feeling great. What was the cause of the pain? I’m not quite sure yet. It felt in the hip, knee and sole of the left foot. I count as a possible reason or reasons uneven cobblestone roads (maybe a bad step), steep up and down hills (without enough hip stretching) or my recently descoverd new running style (which I used). Or my running shoes: I really like Adidas AdiZero and it’s a great running shoe for good speed, but I have also noted that after 20 kilometers they are getting a bit hard for my feet even when concentrating to strike the ground from heel to toe.

Now the leg feels ok and I’m sure the next run will be fine.

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