29.11.2011 21.11 km

Distance Duration Avg. Pace Avg. Speed
21.11 km 1:52:09 h:m:s 5:19 min/km 11.29 km/h

1-17 km: Good. Average pace was roughly between 5:10 and 5:15 min/km.
18-22 km: Not best. Average pace about 5:40 min/km. I have tried to think different reasons for this hurting hip, but again, it just needs heavy stretching.

Tip: I found a way how to keep running even hip begins to sense strained: do longer steps and run with your hip by twisting it (disclaimer: not a medical advice). My discover helped that much, that instead of two stars I gave free for this run!

Do you have your own stretching and running tips for a strained hip?

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  • Relatively good run for the first 17 kilometers. I was feeling good and hip didn't bother.
  • Relatively inconvenient for the last four kilometers. Still strained hip. It needs some heavy stretching.
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21.10.2011 21.14 km

Distance Duration Avg. Pace Avg. Speed
21.14 km 1:52:54 h:m:s 5:20 min/km 11.23 km/h

Woohoo! I’ve now been doing four 21 kilometer runs in two weeks. Have I learn anything? Sure I have.

Disclaimer: Following patterns occur to me, but reactions may vary.

For 21 kilometers there are two outcomes, well, either a great run or indifferent run, and after the first five kilometers I now which one it’s going to be. If I feel like running “above” my fitness condition, then I know I got it.

For me it’s important to start with easy pace and really not to try too hard. If I’ll start with too fast pace, I eventually run only slightly faster, but I will miss the fun of running.

Anyway, if after five kilometers I know I’m going to hit the great run, next level is after ten to twelve kilometers. Running starts to feel lighter and the same time speed will start to increase a bit.

Fifteen kilometers and beyond is ecstasy! Really.

After indifferent run feeling is tired, but after a great run feeling is great and refreshed. That’s the fun of running.

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