29.7.2013 35.08 km

Distance Duration Avg. Pace Avg. Speed
35.08 km 3:08:11 h:m:s 5:22 min/km 11.18 km/h

This is interesting. Before the run I felt a bit hungry and tired, but after the start I felt quite good after all. And I thought that I haven’t run a really long run for a while, so I thought that I would now run one. I had only a small bottle of water with me, so I thought that I really have to concentrate to run efficiently, and so I did. The whole run I focused my mind to five things:

  1. To focus my gaze ahead.
  2. To keep my shoulders down and relaxed.
  3. This was the key thing: to work with the hip to ease the work of my legs.
  4. To relax leg muscles on every step just before a next strike. This was possible because working with hip.
  5. To strike the ground from heel to toe.

All I can say is that focusing on these five things enabled me to run an easy 35 kilometers and really enjoy the run!

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