25.10.2011 21.14 km

Distance Duration Avg. Pace Avg. Speed
21.14 km 1:56:37 h:m:s 5:31 min/km 10.88 km/h

This run started as a mediocre run, but had a surprise ending.

5 km: Not tired, but not very energetic either. Mediocre.
10 km: Well, still the same. Not tired and not energetic.
11 km: Knee starts to have some feelings. Inconvenient, but not too bad.
17 km: Still going steady. Have to be careful with the knee.

20 km: Oh no, somehow I misinterpreted kilometers and thought last one was, well, the last one. How can the last kilometer feel so heavy? Must be mental, and eventually last kilometer turns this to be quite a tough run.

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